Growth for eCommerce

Our minimalist approach to your store enhances your product offering while providing a customer journey that simple and easy to convert.



Your store is more than just visual

Our standard process applies to all the work we do with slight modifications for eCommerce.

First, we identify which platform works best for your business. What features do you really need? What are the issues you have with your current platform and what does a win mean to you?

Next, we understand the integrations and automations that can help improve the workflow for your business. We don’t just throw things at the wall to see if they stick. This is deep discovery to identify key opportunities for improvement. This process typically takes 7 business days from the start of the project, although this will vary from project to project.

Constructing an online store that converts 

Once we’ve identified integrations, automations, platform, and design of your new store we move on to the build process. In this phase we quickly develop your store using the approved mockup from the Design phase. This is where is starts to come together!

We focus entirely on getting your new store up and running quickly. Honestly, even stores with massive catalogs shouldn’t take 6 months to redesign or replatform. Since we collect our information upfront, we can rapidly build your new store.

Our build phase takes 14-21 business days to go from mockup designs to functional store.

Retain your historical data

If you are re-platforming, this is the most important step of all. Data migration tedious but necessary to retain all historical data in your new platform. This includes customers, orders, and products.

Once we have the functional store design and running, we migrate the products, orders, and customers to the new store.

Typical turnaround time for this is 14 business days although it depends on the amount of data being migrated.

Cameron helped me clear confusion and clutter that has been causing problems on my website for years! He took a deep dive into our navigation and customer journey, and was able to help us come up with a completely customized product presentation that made sense for our customers and our unique products. He was able to help us find and implement apps to ease our pain points, while creating an aesthetically pleasing website. His communication was always prompt and clear. I’d definitely hire Ashford Creative again!

Carter Singh


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