Why Ashford Creative?
July 30, 2018
There are many creative digital agencies out there, and many companies that can build websites. Do-it-yourself platforms also offer the opportunity to inexpensively create a website on your own. So why choose a professional development company, and why Ashford Creative in particular?

Professional or DIY?

The answers to these questions come down to your reasons for building a new site. Professional web developers have deep expertise in areas like branding, user experience, and back-end optimization. They can make your brand come alive in ways that would be difficult for untrained users to replicate. A professional can also optimize your site for your specific goals, whether that’s brand building or ecommerce. (For more information on website objectives, check out our blog on Critical Considerations for a New Website. So if you have specific goals and objectives, and are serious about achieving them, a professional can achieve better and quicker results than a do-it-yourself effort. Of course there is greater cost, but we can help you determine the ROI in your specific situation.

The Ashford Creative Difference

So if you’ve decided to engage a professional, why choose Ashford Creative over all the rest of the web development and digital marketing firms out there? A few simple attributes set us apart:

Deep Expertise

The Ashford Creative team has built 100s of websites over the last few years. We bring a breadth and depth of experience across industries and companies, and our work runs the gamut from brand development all the way to website development. We’re up to date on the latest trends in web development and digital marketing, but we’ve also got enough history to understand the tried and true tactics. For a look at some of our work, <check out our gallery.>

Collaborative, Consultative Approach

We know that you’re an expert in your business, not in websites. Our process begins with listening to you through a series of questions designed to help us understand your company, brand, goals, objectives, and specific needs. We will take everything you’ve told us and create a tailored plan to deliver the value you’re looking for. We’ll communicate clearly every step of the way so you are in the loop throughout the process.

ROI Focus

We know that your website is more than a beautiful representation of your brand (even though that’s critical). We know that you need your website to drive your business goals and create tangible value for your company. A big part of our listening process is hearing and documenting your exact goals and objectives, and we will design your site to meet them. Whether that’s leads, ecommerce, increased visitors and brand awareness…we’ll optimize for the goal. And we’ll give you the key metrics and measurements to track success.

Full Service Offering

Ashford Creative is much more than a website development firm. We offer a wide variety of other services, making us your end-to-end provider. Additional services include:

  • Managed hosting
  • Web security
  • SEO optimization
  • Pay per click campaigns
  • Social media advertising (Facebook, Instagram, others)
  • Marketing asset development (infographics, presentation templates, business cards, etc.)
  • Content creation
  • Blog writing

Just to name a few. Our goal is to not just build your website, we’re here to help build your business. But don’t take our word for it…contact us now and schedule a free consultation. We’d love to hear from you!

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